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Winning Online Poker is easy if you understand the fundamentals of the game and, what is more important, understands the functions of the software used by online poker sites. One of the main mistakes committed by online poker players is that they try to use the strategy of poker tournaments to play the game in the same way they do it in a live game. This practice inevitably results in a cash player failure or constantly win.

The reason behind this failure is that online poker is quite different from live poker. Not only are you playing against a lot of inexperienced players, you are also against a very hard opponent; The software of the poker site is used to generate the cards and determine the result of the hands. The true poker tournament strategy to use online is quite different from its typical poker strategy used in a live game.

As in any computer generated game, a person should approach poker in line with the same attitude, essentially he is playing against a computer. The software determines many facets of your game that are out of your control, unlike live playback. The head of these factors is the treatment of the cards, which is done through a random numbers generator and then selected using ‘special’ algorithms that have a deterministic result.

However, the ‘special’ algorithms were included in the online poker software to prevent collusion and deception, however, those algorithms are actually their line of life to win online poker, if you know what they are . An algorithm is nothing more than a set of mathematical codes that perform a complex function. In this case, the algorithms used by online poker sites make a deterministic calculation in the outcome of the hands.

It is the algorithms that will make people lose due to the bad constant blows and the salts of the rivers. Those very algorithms have made many good players lose money to seemingly incredibly bad players. Actually, it is not the bad player, since it is the algorithm of poker sites. Know how to decipher these algorithms will give you a real poker tournament strategy to win and charge more often

To put it in simple terms, what would happen if you knew you were going to win a hand, regardless of the two letters of the holes you are holding? Would you play your hand and maximize your money or would you leave it because you should never touch the hands of garbage?

If you really want to win the online poker, approach the game for what it is, a piece of software generated, predictable and easily manipulated. Once you understand this, your only goal is to know the algorithms and take control of your game. That is the true response to online poker tournament strategy!